Mehmed Esad AKÇAM

Software Engineer

Contact Information

+49 177 742 6277


Curious software engineer with a passion for creating efficient and scalable applications. Skilled in various programming languages and technologies.


Master of Science in Informatics - Technical University of Munich 2024-2026

Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering - Istanbul Technical University 2019-2023

  • Graduation GPA: 3.61/4
  • Graduation Project: Hand Trajectory Prediction with LSTM Networks Link


Software Engineer at ASELSAN 07.2023 – 05.2024

  • Worked on a microservices project. Domain-Driven-Design approach is adopted. Kafka is used for event streaming. Container technologies are highly used. Spring framework is used as skeleton for microservices.
  • Developed a microservice in Java that records and replays the events like event-storming mechanism. MongoDB is used for event recording. Optimized database queries are written.
  • An end-to-end SSON solution with OAUTH2 is implemented.
    • Developed a microservice in Kotlin that manages users' sessions.
    • Keycloak, an open source identitiy and access management software, is customized and deployed on our Kubernetes cluster and automized with Helm.
    • Azure TFS pipelines are customized to automize Helm chart publication to our Helm repository.
    • Customized our client OS images, so that whenever a user logs into OS, automatically authenticates to our system via Kerberos.

Candidate Engineer at ASELSAN 01.2023 – 07.2023

  • Developed an OpenAPI difference viewer desktop app with NodeJS and Electron.
  • Developed a microservice that communicates with another instance of the application in a client-server architecture using Java and Netty Library.
  • Gained experience in Domain-Driven-Design, Event Storming, Kafka, Docker and Spring-Boot.

Candidate Engineer at HAVELSAN 02.2022 – 01.2023

  • Worked on algorithm design and simulation of Autonomous Surface Vessels using ROS2 and Unity.
  • A pipeline that fetches vessel info in given area and sends our Unity simulaiton in Python is written.

Software Developer Intern at Erlab Technology 07.2021 – 08.2021

  • Created API services for TIVIBU, a local streaming service in Turkey, that serves News, Weather Forecast, Flights and Pharmacy with .NET framework.


Java Kotlin Python JavaScript
Spring Boot Flask Django NodeJS Electron
MongoDB PostgreSQL
Kubernetes Docker Helm Linux Azure

Additional Information


  • 2021 Teknofest Mixed Swarm Simulation Competition Gold Medal Link
  • High Honor Degrees from Istanbul Technical University
  • Top 0.1% among 2.5 million students in the National University Entrance Examination.


  • English C1 with IELTS 7.5 score
  • Turkish Native


  • Deep Learning Specialization Link